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(Archived) Would be nice ....

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.... to be able to just search tags.

For example, one of my tags is 'to do'.

Unfortunately, that phrase comes up a lot in a variety of text. So, when I search for 'to do' - I get all sorts of *****. I have gotten around this a little by changing the tag name but.....

It would be nice, if possible, if when you started typing you were offered a choice of where to search - just like in the main OS. If I type in the OS I get options to search Google, Wikipedia, etc. If, when I started typing, I could tap 'tags only', it would be very nice.

Thanks for the nice product and a very helpful support forum.


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It's not perfectly convenient from a mobile device, but you can search for notes containing the tag "to do" like this:

tag:"to do"

If your tag is a single word, you can do that without the quotes:


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