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More word processing features in Evernote for Mac

Gordon Crenshaw


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The ability to change selected text to Sentence Case used to be (iirc) hard-wired in OS X and available on the Edit menu.  Now you can download and install a Service that does it.  I use DevonThink's WordService.


Here is your question after adding periods, selecting the whole paragraph, and running "Evernote ▹ Services ▹ Initial Caps of Sentences":


I would like to see more word processing features. In evernote. For mac.  For example, it would be nice if evernote automatically capitalized the first letter of a new sentence.  I looked. In the preference settings and didn't see this option.


HTH.  It's not automatic, but it's easy.


Speaking for myself, I'd like to see Evernote allow _any_ intelligent word processing.  I have found no way to control (or understand) line-spacing, and the results of deleting the end-of-line marker is unknowable until I try it.


And styles — added in … 2002? — would be most welcome.

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