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Johnny McClung

higher ed Taking notes on Evernote's notes

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I'm going to school online and becuase of this I am collecting a lot of digital information mostly in the form of Word documents. I'm also collecting some information from online sources. Once this information is in a Evernote note, what is the best way to take notes on this information. Let's say I've clipped an article into Evernote. Now I need to study and take notes on this article. What is the best way?


A couple of ideas off the top of my head.


1. I can write me notes inline with the article. The biggest problem I see with this is differenciating my notes from the article. This would require some sort of formatting that might be tedious.

2. I can create a note link at the top of the article to my "notes" note. Then establish a kind of footnote system where I would put a number behind the sentance I want to make a comment on and then write the comment in the linked note, referencing that number. Depending on the number of notes taken in a single article, it may be tricky to quickly locate my comment.


Any other thoughts?


Thank you,

Johnny McClung

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Hmmm, I think you also need to differentiate between what works in Evernote the app and what works for whatever purpose you intend for the information. 


Back in the day, I would highlight textbooks and articles and then study for tests by going over the highlights. For lectures, I took notes and I often high lighted those, too. 


However, if I was preparing to put together a project like a research paper, I'd want to copy certain quotes out verbatim to use. 


I think Evernote will now let you highlight web clips so you could do that as you read an article online or you could later read it in Evernote and highlight it as well. If you use Skitch, I think you could also highlight PDFs. 


The alternative is to copy out what you think you want to use and put all the information in one document to study from, with links back to the original source. This would be more streamlined. Plus you could integrate varying sources. The one flaw I see with this is that if you don't recognize the information you are study, you'll have to go back to the source and doing so might be problematic if you haven't built in a good system of quickly going back to a document that could be lengthy. 

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