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Apps as a concept don't make a whole lot of sense anymore -- really?

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"Apps as a concept don't make a whole lot of sense anymore"


So saith Phil Libin, Evernote CEO, at a meeting of the "f.ounders", an annual private gathering of tech company leaders held at the NASDAQ Stock Market in New York Thursday, according to a CNN Money report.


He also pronounced that the phrase "the Internet of Things" is "the worst and most obnoxious name ever."


Clearly I'm not in Mr. Lilbin's league, but I think he is dead wrong, on both counts.  Perhaps he is so brillilant and so far ahead of his time that I just can't get it, but I think we, the worldwide computing user community, will be referring to "Apps" for many years to come.




An "App" is simply a convient term to refer to a focused collection of functions and/or services that we might need to use at any moment in time.  Even with this categorization of computing, it is still sometimes overwhelming to find the "App" I need on my iPhone/iPad, or even on my Mac.  If the notion of "Apps" is done away with, how would we quickly and easily find/select what we want to do?


I think when Apple came up with "there's an app for that", they were clearly on the right track.


The Internet of Things


I have no idea why Mr. Libin would have such strong objection to this name/title.  He doesn't disagree with what it means, he just doesn't like the name.  A rose by any other name ...


Well, I kinda like it. Maybe he would like the version coined by Ciso, or at least adopted by and made popular by Cisco:  Internet of Everything.  I see it referred to a lot in the technology press/news/discussions.


The Final Zinger!


And then he combines his thoughts together in a strange way.   "The Internet of Things will be so huge, Libin said, that it will eventually make apps obsolete (yes, even Evernote)."


Well, Mr. Libin has said many times that Evernote is a 100-year company.  Perhaps he is speaking of a time near then end of this 100 years.  Who knows?

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For mobile devices - apps have won. See this article



According to this research, people spend only 20% of their time on mobile devices on the web and 80% on apps (most of which are web-enabled) of course. So instead of going to eBay or the Weather Network in our browser, we use an an eBay or Weather app to get the information we want.


People have really embraced apps over using their browser on their mobile devices

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