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Request change to Ctrl-Left/Right arrow word skipping at beginning/end of lines

Phab Guy

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Folks, would it be possible to fix the behaviour of the Ctrl-Left Arrow and Ctrl-Right Arrow keys at the beginning and end of lines in Evernote Windows


Specifically, the undesired behaviour is this: with the cursor in the middle of a line, Ctrl-Left Arrow will move the cursor to the beginning of the current word, then if pressed again, the beginning of the next previous word and so on, EXCEPT if the next previous word is the first word(*) of the line or if the line has a Checkbox (*). Then Ctrl-Left Arrow moves the cursor to the beginning of the last word on the previous line. The expected behaviour is Ctrl-Left Arrow will always move the cursor to the beginning of the first word on the current line before it moves to the previous line. The inverse is true for Ctrl-Right Arrow.


(*) The behaviour is inconsistent if there is no Checkbox on the line. Sometimes behaviour is as expected, sometimes not. Simplifying the formatting (Ctrl-Space) restores the expected behaviour if there is no Checkbox on the line. However, Checkboxes always produce the undesired behaviour. After some cutting and pasting of text with Checkboxes, even lines without Checkboxes will start to exhibit the undesired behaviour again.





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