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Bookmarks in PDF Files

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I come across a lot of voluminous pdf files (>100 pages) in my work and study.  While working on my PC, I used to add bookmarks to these files to facilitate navigation through the pages and cross-referencing.  However, it seems that the bookmarks added to the pdf files will not show up in Evernote in iOS. I wonder if there is a way to view/add/edit pdf bookmarks in EN in iOS?  Thank you.

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Thank you.  I can add bookmarks to PDF using software like Acrobat on my PC.  But the bookmarks do not show up on my EN on iOS. 


Can you elaborate more on "Copy an Paste" the text? The bookmarks are pretty much like index of the PDF to me such that I can jump to the section quickly by clicking the bookmarks (that's how I work on PC).  

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I mean manually Selecting, Copying and Pasting the filepath up each Bookmark. Like copying a URL (web address) and pasting it directly from the internet into a note. That would create a clickable link to that web page. I am assuming here that in this case, you are referring to Internet Bookmarks? If so, you would essentially be copying a hyperlink from inside your PDFs over to EN.

It would be rather time consuming as you'd have to do each one individually. I hope that makes sense. I know what I mean, but translating it to you isn't working that well... *hangs head* ;)

Oh, one last thing. It's been my personal experience that PDFs have never played nice with other programs, but that could be just me.

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Thank you guys. Guess EN's not for me then...


I should probably have pointed out in my first reply, that this forum is not, technically speaking, a direct line to Evernote the company. It is a "Users helping Users" forum. (Though EN does read every post and a staffer may occassionally drop by to announce things or lend a hand in certain cases.) I just didn't realize until now that that you were literally a brand new user, as opposed to being merely inexperienced and new to forum itself. Considering their customers base are in the tens of millions, this forum only represents a small portion. My apologies for that if it caused you any additional confusion!


I'm sorry to see you go. :( There could well be 3rd Party Apps out there that work with Evernote to accomplish what you want.

If I might ask, why were you thinking of EN in the first place?

I ask because it you wanted to try it for gathering and storing digital data in a searchable database - which is it's core function - and/or as a basic notetaking tool, then it might still be an option... There's a good chance there is a cheap or free 3rd part app out there that functions well with the EN system.

I just don't personally know of one, but that doesn't mean some of the far more experienced users who may not log-in here everday, won't. As it's now the weekend and these folks could just be spending it with their families or whatever, I'd advise you wait until Monday, then wait a few more days to see if any of them pops by and has a suggestion.

But if you were considering EN only as a way to navigate through pages of your PDFs, then I agree, it's not the right app for your needs.

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OK, old thread but it was the discussion I'm looking for. Forgive me if I'm not understanding here, but when you bring a PDF into EN, by dragging it into a note or by using the web clipper and "save pdf" it embeds the entire pdf into the EN note. EN provides a viewer, so that when you look at the note you see the actual pdf contents, and there are some built in capabilities to annotate. I have used the annotations to mark my place in the file sometimes. The annotations are saved with the PDF (but not made a permanent part of the PDF--you can still print without them and so forth. However, if you double click the pdf (anywhere on it) EN launches the PDF in your default PDF reader, such as Adobe, Foxit, etc. In your reader, then you can do all kinds of other things like add PDF bookmarks. These are then saved in the PDF also, and saved back into EN when you exit. Thus it seems to me that EN is a VERY complete PDF manager. A non-Evernote solution you might want to look at is ReadCube which also has some kind of EN integration but I haven't investigated it completely. 


I echo the point that this is a user forum, and often those responding don't fully understand the question being asked, especially if they themselves do not use that part of EN. I read a lot of large PDFs too! 



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