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Trying to get approval for teacher's account

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Likely a week ago now, I filled out the Evernote for Schools form, but I have not gotten any sort of reply. I even went a step further a few days later and used the EN Business contact form to email and find out about getting approval and trying to figure out what's taking so long.


My principal does not want me to go ahead and invoice our school for $720 (6 users x $120) when we should not have any trouble being approved and only being charged $180 (6 users x $30).


Please advice what I have done wrong, or if someone can confirm that my application has been received and give a time frame on when I can expect it to be reviewed.


Much appreciated,


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Hi. I've converted your post to a support ticket. You should have received an email. They'll probably contact you in the morning.

I've also flagged your post for Evernote staff.

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Looks like we've reached out to you previously--have you received the messages?

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