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Skitch Auto Zooms out on certain functions


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When i use the text annotation on an image that is fairly large (bigger then skitch screen when at 100%). Every time i move an element, it auto zooms back out to the "fit to windows" size. This is extremely difficult to use since i'm commenting on a webpage mockup that is long. I basically have to zoom back in after every change i make. 


I'm on a rMBP 13".

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I just got Skitch today and this is extremely annoying and makes no sense.... can you guys fix this please? Very inconvenient when trying to annotate and I can't even click on the box to edit text after the first time I type in a text box....

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I guess I'll add another voice...


This has been bugging me for awhile and it makes Skitch useless when editing text on a scrolled page capture.


What happens, to reiterate, is:


1. I take a screen capture of a scrolling page

2. I set my screen zoom from 'fit in window' to '100%' using the zoom setting at the bottom left of the screen

3. I proceed adding annotations, text, arrows, etc using Skitch's editor

4. Later I click into, or attempt to nudge or move any annotation including text, arrows, boxes, highlights, etc around on the screen after making the initial annotation

5. As a result, the zoom setting pops out (from 100%, my chosen setting so I can actually see the text... to 'fit in window') which makes the text extremely small and I can't make my edit without squinting and struggling.

6. Once finished with that annoying edit, I have to zoom back out to 100% to continue editing but every time I edit text, the same thing happens...so, when doing a lot of editing, it is enough to make you want to pull your hair out.


I'm not sure if this is a bug only on Mac or if this is just an overlooked functionality bug across all platforms but it is a pain and I'm sure many people would love to see it addressed. I went months annoyed by this without voicing my complaint so I'm sure there are many other users affected by this bug out there that aren't saying anything.



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