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Synching between evernote web site and android

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I am new to Evernote. I have set up Evernote to run from the Evernote web site (as my computer OS is Linux, so not supported) and have put it on my Android phone. I have the free account. I want to sync between the two, but cannot find any way to sny when on the Evernote web site. Ihave seen messgaes explainhg how to syn form the downloaded Evernote on PC, but that doesnot apply here.


Many thanks for any help



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The Evernote accesses your account on the Evernote servers directly. The Android client syncs from your account on the Evernote servers. All you need to do is log in to your Android client correctly. In the case of Android, the sync consists of note headers and metadata needed to do search, and not note content. Note content is accessed from the servers if you're online (and generally cannot be if you're offline). The exceptions to this rule are offline notebooks (only available to premium users), which cause entire notebooks to be cached on the Android device, and notes that are recently accessed while online, which are generally cached on the device, though not guaranteed to be.

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