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Postbox or thunderbird email NOT showing up in Evernote

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I am new to evenote - but wanted to try the feature of sending emails from my email account (email client) using Postbox or Thunderbird  to evenote. So I forearded an email to my evenote email address - it DOES NOT show in the inbox nor anywhere in the evernote.

If I sent the same email from my gmail account ( on the gmail website) - it shows up in the inbox.


Can anyone help  me in that?



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Emails take a little while to get from Evernote's mail client to your own account - your mail may only be delayed.  Check that you have the correct account address / try another test email (sent directly) / watch out for any mail errors in your mail client / search your default notebook for any unique words in your sent emails.

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As of today, I am having this problem in iOS. Email is leaving my iPhone, but is just not making it into Evernote. I sent a test note from my iPhone mail with a BCC to myself. The BCC arrives back immediately. I look at my ISP's webmail client and the BCC is there, so I know the BCC did leave the phone. But the email has not shown up in Evernote - not in the iPhone app, and not the web version, looking at my desktop.


I first saw this this morning when I was sending a tweet from Hootsuite, through email, to Evernote, but looked later and it had never arrived. Email may not make it to Evernote instantly, okay, but, these aren't showing up at all....... what's up with this? 

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UPDATE: tried sending from two Google accounts, one in the web on a PC, one from the Gmail app on the phone. They work. Is Evernote having some issue with Verizon (my main email)? Again, the mail leaves the phone and makes it to the Verizon webmail account, so I know the phone is sending the mail out.

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