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Request: Speedier search syntax

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I have a suggestion for improving Evernote clients.


I'm a heavy advanced search syntax user to dial in my search queries.


For example, say I'm searching for a note in my desktop client that is tagged 'travel' and that is located in my 'offline' notebook, I will type in 'notebook:offline tag:travel <and any other parameter/>'.


I'm a quick typer with a physical keyboard, but say I'm doing that search syntax on my iPhone EN client and now it becomes a chore to tap away all those letters.



My recommendation is for Evernote to add shorthand modifiers to the search syntax.


For example:


The tag: modifier could be shortened to t: and still function.


Others would include:


notebook:        n:


source:            s:


intitle:               in:


todo:                do:


created:           c:


updated:          u:


resource:         r:


And this would also translate into exclusions:

-tag:                 -t:



I hope Evernote will consider this; I can't be the only one that finds typing out modifiers to be annoying.


Comments? Suggestions?

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