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Retrieve "Unsaved Notes"?



I record audio notes for literally every meeting I attend on my Android tablet. I go to a lot of meetings. Quite frequently (at least a couple times a week) Evernote will get sluggish (like the timer recording audio will freeze for several seconds and I can't type before recovering), which is likely due to my tablet being a bit aged (it's the original Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1).


Anyway, when it gets sluggish like this when I click Save on the note it says it's saving, but then it disappears from the notes list in the app and never shows up on the web or in my desktop client. Invariably I can find the content in my unsaved notes folder.


What I do not know is how to bring those .enml files back into evernote to resurrect them, so I usually end up manually stripping off the xml and remaking the note myself. Is there a way to open these unsaved notes in the app? In the desktop client?


If not, I'd really like to request this be a feature to add for those of us on slightly aged equipment...

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Yeah, I mean I know where unsaved notes live and I've yet to have a case where it actually failed to save the recording, so I can recover. It just seems like they purposefully made the unsaved folder for these occasions so it seemed to me there must be a way to resurrect them. If not, I guess I wait until I can stomach the cost of replacing a perfectly good device...

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Hi - while Evernote is great for lots of recording tasks,  I don;t think they quite had in mind the intensive meeting record use to which you're putting it.  Add to that your 'mature' ( ;)) equipment and it's obviously struggling a bit. There are a lot of apps out there which record seperately,  but whose output files (WAV or MP3) can be attached to Evernote notes - and you could close down everything but that app while recording if necessary.  I'm sure Evernote will improve their recording features in future updates,  but to avoid major forensic work and because there's no way (AFAIK) to deal with unsaved notes within Evernote,  you might find this a useful workaround.

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