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(Archived) User Defined Fields

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I am in need of some user defined fields in Evernote to manipulate the way I sort data. I use date codes in note titles (e.g., 090715 for July 15, 2009) for tracking tasks, etc. I have started using the 'Author' field as well. A couple questions:

1. Are there other ways to create user defined fields. I use tags extensively, but I don't know how to sort by tags. If sorting by tags is possible, please share...that would be awesome.

2. Are there any constraints on using the 'Author' field to force a sort of my choosing (date, in this case)?

3. Does anyone know if the concept of user-defined fields has been discussed here, or anywhere else, in the forums? My search didn't yield much.


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First time I've heard of this kind of request.

Some points/thoughts: (Bear in mind, I'm on a Windows machine here, so your mileage may vary.)

1. Why not use the creation date? Or Modified or Subject? By default, EN sorts by Creation Date. If you changed the date to something in the future, it would show up further down the list. (Or up, if you're sorting upside down.)

2. Re sorting in general - the note list is your friend here. You can sort by any of the columns in the note list. This includes tags, although this is only really useful if you have one tag per note. So, if you had tags "home", "work", and applied one of these to each note, then sorted by the tag column, you would have all your "home" notes before all your "work" notes. Unfortunately, you can only sort by one column at a time, so you couldn't do something fancy like sort by date, and then by tag.

3. Sort by title is always useful too. If you don't want to mess with the creation date, simply put your datestamp, e.g., 2009-07-15 as the first thing in the title of the note. Sort by title to get a chronological list.

4. I guess you could force the author field to do something more useful, e.g., like a tag. Same for the source URL field, if that's not already busy with a URL.

Hope this helps...

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Thank you for the offer to help. You added some great suggestions. I haven't played with the creation or updated fields. I'll give it a try.

I thought a few easy to implement user defined fields would help people extend Evernote to new possibilities (especially those looking to use it as a task management tool, like me).

I would love to go to one tool for as much as possible. Evernote is very close.

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"2. Re sorting in general - the note list is your friend here. You can sort by any of the columns in the note list. "

Help! What "note list" are you referring to and in what platform (Iphone, desktop, web)...and how do you sort it once you get there?


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