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Mac clip rectangle always mis-crops the image



I enabled the "Elephant in the menubar" and I use it to capture bits of text. 


I also wanted to use it to capture parts of screen images, but it doesn't work correctly. When I use the "Clip Rectangle" function, it loses the top of the image.


To use Clip Rectangle, I click on the Elephant icon in the menubar, which displays a window. I click the icon on the top for "Clip Rectangle" and I see a horizontal and vertical line, which track my mouse movement. I move to the upper left corner of the part of the screen I want, click the mouse, and drag to the desired lower right corner. Horizontal and vertical guide lines clearly indicate where I select. Also, the un-selected part of the screen is covered in gray.


The image that's saved is NOT what I selected. It appears to clip the image 100 pixels lower than I wanted. The resulting image contains an additional 100 pixels that are appropriately covered with the gray.


I am using an iMac running the latest Mavericks updates and 2 monitors. The problem appears on both monitors. It does not appear on "capture the whole screen," which captures both screens.


I have attached an example in which I clipped a 250x250 image of the text typed above, starting from the upper left corner. The clipped result skips the first three sentences entirely and starts part-way into the third paragraph. Additional text that was NOT selected is covered in gray.





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Version 6.0.6 (451290) still has the problem. Seriously, Evernote, I know you guys are a small team, and always solve problems, based on their prevalence, etc, but what's going on? For the record, I am a Premium member, and so far the clip rectangle has been one of the things I liked most in Evernote. Please, have a look on it.

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Problem still persists in the newest version of Evernote Version 6.0.8 (451398 App Store), OS X Mavericks, Setup with two monitors.


Wanted to clip the Evernote logo in the upper left corner and got this:

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I removed the Evernote and re-install the latest version 6.0.8(451398) from app store, now everything works fine and no more mis-crops the image issue. As my notes were saved on the cloud, so I don't lose anything.

I hope this helps.

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