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android No ability to send actual note via SMS

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I saw this last mentioned in 2009 - and it still hasn't been implemented yet?


I can chose "share" on the note, but it sends a link instead of the actual note. Is it really true that you cannot share the contents of a note, just the link? Is Evernote really this far behind on this?


I email my grocery lists to my wife who does not have a smartphone - so sending her a link is useless.


Please advise if I'm missing something. Or is there a thrid party app that can do this from Evernote lists?


Thanks in advance!



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Well,  just because someone suggested this feature doesn't mean Evernote accepted that 1) it was a good idea,  2) a cost-effective development or 3) even possible.  I wouldn't fancy trying to send a 2MB PDF file or a picture by SMS for instance.  And since you can share the note,  so someone can view it in a browser,  sending the link is often enough.  Accepted that a non-smartphone can't see links,  you could just copy and paste the contents of the note into your SMS since having access to the note makes no difference - you won't be able to receive any changes / ticks to the list.  I don't know of any non-smart-phone apps that would SMS a list offhand.

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There are a couple that do this now: ColorNote and Extensive Notes Pro can both SMS a list from within their app as text to an SMS recipient. I wanted to be able to get more funcationality out of Evernote and am very surprised to see that this functionality does not exist.


What I haven't found is ANY app/service that can sync notes from desktop (or browser) to phone and then SMS a text list. And that is unfortunate.


Not everyone has a smartphone.

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