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Feature requests to Evernote. I filed these directly... just FYI



FYI, I filed these customer requests with Evernote over the past 3-4 months:


1. On the iPhone app provide a "Cancel" option after "Plain Text." I selected that and lost all my list formatting and had to return to my computer to recreate.

2. On the email share option, add ability to cc others.
3. Formatting of lists in Evernote is very frustrating:

1. Go from lists style back to plain text

2. Create Indented lists and then back to original list.

3. Restart numbering in a list

4. Sometimes continuing numbering in a list

5. Changing fonts and then return to plain text.

6. Setting up default plain text.

Would be nice if user could just use Microsoft word formatting.


4. Add Notebook name as part of the basic search.


5. Evernote formatting does not allow for inline reply by a recipient to a emailed shared Note.


6. Add Evernote link in Apple Mail similar to that in Outlook.


7. Ability to remove a tag(s) if Note moved to a specific Notebook.


8. Add to search options a "-notebook" search.


9. Increase options in Evernote preferences for notebook and tagging on incoming emails.


10. Add shortcut to move to next tag position rather than just the Cmd-'


11. Ability to abbreviate tags when appending in subject line on email to Evernote.


As said, FYI FWIW.



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