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search for text on jpg files stopped working

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About a month ago I was having an issue with evernote which has since been resolved. At that time I rebuilt my database and now another problem has started. 


If I search for text  in a photo file, I get no results. This used to work perfectly.


Example: I have business cards with names and phone numbers. I could search for these name/numbers no problem but now I don't get any results. 


I have success searching on my windows phone and on the web but on my Windows PC, nothing.


Should I reinstall EN on Windows or is there another soluction




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Step One when messing around with any reinstall..  exit Evernote completely and backup your database EXB file,  just in case.  (Do that regularly anyway - it never hurts..)


Then, Step Two: Revo uninstall and download/ reinstall the latest Evernote version from the website.  (Search the forums for detailed background on that if you need it..).  When the reinstall completes,  just log in with your normal details and your notes should be available immediately.  All of that should take less than 30 minutes.


If that doesn't fix the issue,  and provided you have no unsynced notes and no local notebooks,  exit Evernote again and rename the EXB file.  It'll be rebuilt and reindexed from the server - time to complete,  anywhere from a couple of hours to a day or more depending on your connection speed and the number and size of notes involved.


If you do have unsynced notes / local notebooks,  you need to export them before renaming the old database - again search around here for more details if required.

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Thank you Gazumped. Your detailed solution worked perfectly using the second option.


As always EN and it's support group is quick to to respond with clear, concise solutions and now I'm up and running with my notes being searched perfectly.





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