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How to change incorrect password in Android tablet app?

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I've started using my first Android tablet and downloaded the Evernote app. I've been using Evernote

on my Android cellphone and iPhone for a year.  When I added my account into to the tablet app I

typo'd the password. Now I can't find a way to correct it. When I go into Account Info the "Account"

option is grayed out. How can I correct the password?

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You should have a drop-down menu by your user name which includes 'sign out'.  Use that link in case you inadvertently created a new account.  If that fails,  uninstall and reinstall the app. Make sure you email any unsynced notes you may have to yourself as they'll be lost with the reinstall.

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Thanks for the advice. I did that and entered the correct password but then sync kept failing.  I saw there was an update to Evernote

in my tablet alerts so I did that and now the whole interface looks different and sync works! So what I downloaded from Google Play

must be too old and incompatible. 

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