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(Archived) HOWTO: Bulk rename notes?



is there any way, at all, to bulk-rename all my notes? i'm trying to export them, and some of the titles have unicode, so my scripts for scrubbing the html files and extracting what i want get thrown off.

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I've started developing a couple of "bulk change" scripts, including:

  • [*:2hdose3z]"Find and Replace a Text String in a Note Title";
    [*:2hdose3z]"Bulk Date Changer"

Anyone interested in testing them before I publish? Suggestions for others?

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Hi Justin,

Funny, I was just looking for an Evernote "find and replace" script when I found this thread. The reason is that when I imported my Yojimbo notes - many of which are website passwords - all of my passwords are now stored in the clear. So what I'd really like to be able to do is remove the "password: mypassword" line from every imported note. Looks like your find and replace is more geared towards note titles. Any chance you can expand the scope?



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Too funny!

I'll contact you via email in case you want to discuss options for a customized script.

However, a simpler option may be to:

  • [*:3da9dn3d]Delete all imported password items;
    [*:3da9dn3d]Change the Preference in Yojimbo that allows access to the encrypted data;
    [*:3da9dn3d]Re-export the Passwords... which should now have a message instead of the plaintext password

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Given the current capabilities of Evernote's AppleScript, doing a find-and-replace within the body text of a note is a bit of a challenge... but I'm working on it. :)

Coding trickery aside, one other way that I'm working on it is to try to "raise my hand" and ask Geech and the Gang to take AppleScript to the next level for all of us. I've just posted a thread on the topic, hoping to generate both interest and focus for future AppleScript improvements:


If I'm not able to come up with a temporary work-around, I think you're probably better off doing a manual search-and-replace or customizing the Yojimbo script itself to eliminate the inclusion of any password data.

I'll send you a message here, via email, or by Twitter to discuss your particular needs in the days ahead.

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Sorry, didn't know this thread popped back up.

The reason I want to bulk-rename notes is so I can export them. Veritrope's scripts work for a decent portion of my notes, but really, I just want to be able to export them all in a flash to test other programs. As his scripts currently do not export all my notes (email me at jtth@jtth.net and I'll tell you what's going on) I just want to rename everything, so I can export them all without having to manually do things.

Other options would be to just strip anything that isn't alphanumeric from the title. That would make me happiest.

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