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Accidently creating Stacks


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As much as I love Evernote and it solves the problem of having my Windows 7 PC Synced with my Mac. There is an annoying problem only occurring in the Windows version. Any fractional mouse movement whilst clicking on a Notebook to select it, is creating a stack with the next. I'm constantly deleting these and find it so sensitive. I have no such problem on the Mac version.


As I don't use Stacks, I would prefer to disable the function or at least have it far less sensitive and require a decided drag, rather than a slight mouse quiver, to create a Stack.

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This is almost certainly related to your Windows mouse drag sensitivity setting. It's usually set to four pixels; move further than that between the time that your mouse button down and when it goes back up, and Windows gives the program a drag event rather than a mouse button select event (this is in somewhat simplified terms). Evernote responds in kind -- I tend to doubt that they'd be doing anything special in mouse processing for this case, they're just responding to the events that Windows feeds them.


OK, so you may be able to change that behavior, though it would be global to your system. Check out this article: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/fixing-annoyances-stop-windows-from-copying-files-accidentally-when-ctrl-click-selecting/


Doubtful that they'd have an option to disable stacks. It's possible that they could have an internal setting for drag sensitivity (maybe they do already), but it would almost certainly be an internal, registry-only setting. But who knows?

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