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Cant mail notes with images (sync makes no diff)


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In my piece by piece triage of issues with "Evernote Touch" on a new Lenovo Yoga Pro (Win8), let me ask for ideas on the following issue.

I can email a given note to myself no problemo if the note just has words in it. But if the note contrains any images inside, the Win8 client tells me that it has "problems with the content" and cant or wont send it.

This is a huge deal to me, given how oftem I email screenshots into EN for safekeeping. Any idea what is happening -- or what to do for it?

Cc: to @dlu

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PS to above.. (re Win8 refusing to email notes with images) Just did the following test

A) To/From Ipad

No problem to send an image into EN from ipad or to mail the same note back to myself with the image intact

B) To/From Win8

Receives a note sent from ios (as in A) but will NOT "share" any note with an image inside. It simply keeps repeating (in red) at the top of the email “We cant share this because there’s a problem with the content”

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