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Deleted tags keep reappearing in notes

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Hello, all! Like many of you, I use Evernote across a number of platforms. Lately, I'm finding that when I untag certain notes, those tags reappear on other devices after a short time. Syncing seems to bring them back, in other words.


Any ideas on what I can do to prevent this problem?

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I'm not sure what you mean by "untag certain notes".


In the Windows client, when you right click the tag, you have the option to

  1. Remove - removes the tag from an individual note
  2. Delete - deletes the tag and removes it from all notes
  3. Rename - edits the spelling of a tag


After the tag has been altered, I do a manual forced sync (F9)

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Thanks for the quick reply. What I mean is, I'll remove a tag from an individual note, and then I'll sync the changes with the server just as you do. But later, I'll discover that the tag has been reapplied to that note, despite the changes and syncing.

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The more research I do, particularly on this forum, the more I learn about sync issues that took place in March with a new Evernote version, where not all changes were syncing properly across platforms. Could this be related? Is it still an issue?

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On closer inspection, what it looks like I'm seeing is an incomplete sync.


I've been using Evernote since 2012, and in that time I've collected a lot of clutter; at the moment, I have 4,789 notes. But they're mainly text, so I'm well within the quotas for a free account. When I run a sync, I get no pop-up errors, and I don't see anything troubling in my activity log.


However, after running my most recent sync, I sorted all my notes by the sync tab. It appears I have 598 that are listed as unsynced.

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I think I've managed to resolve this issue by creating new copies of each of the notes that wasn't syncing, and deleting the originals after confirming that everything was copying over smoothly. If you're having the same issue, give that a try.

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