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Missing Notes (Web, Mac, Android)

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I have a very important note related to my finances.


I keep it up-to-date frequently across multiple platforms: Web, Mac OS, Android.


* Recently I logged in and the note was missing (mac OS)


* Then opened my android Evernote and it happened to be on the exact note i wanted, although there was a notice stating "note no long exists" or   something along those lines.


* Also on the web its gone.


So then i checked the trash on the web, there is a very old version (4weeks) present. Nothing else. I keep this note updated on a daily basis, although now its gone


please assist ASAP (thanks)



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Hi.  Sorry to see you have a problem.  Please raise a support ticket (see below) - this is a user forum,  not the official help desk.  Unfortunately I'm not sure whether there is any help either of us can offer.  If your note has been deleted on all three platforms and is not in a 'conflicting changes' or 'trash' notebook,  there is no other backup.  If you are a Premium user,  or can upgrade for a month,  you may be able to access a previous version of any remaining version of the note,  if one exists.


Experienced members here spend a fair amount of time recommending that folks keep their own backups of databases just in case something like this happens - have a search around for more information for your specific OS.  It's probably not possible to work out exactly what happened - an inadvertent key press with the note highlighted might have deleted some or all of the content,  or maybe the note itself was highlighted and deleted in error.  If caught early enough,  it's often possible to prevent the error from syncing to the main database and to look for the most recent copy on another client.  In this instance however it looks like the error has copied to all your clients.


When you're dealing with very important data such as this it may even be better to work via another application - a WP or spreadsheet - and attach the latest version of the file to an Evernote note.  You can also save the working file to another location on one or another of your machines so keeping a constant backup of the latest work.

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