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(Archived) Another irritating question about an irritating behavior



The following describes behavior I first noted several weeks/months ago and found it reported on this board. The behavior ONLY occurs when using the tagging functionality in a note to create a new tag. If you use the tag pane to create a new tag, this behavior does not occur.

Several weeks/months ago, a few of us noted that when creating new tags, the capitalization of the first alphabetical word for a given letter dictated the behavior for all subsequent tags starting with the same letter that appear earlier alphabetically.

Thus if you have a tag that is "Wilson" and you try to create "water", EN forces a tag that actually looks like "Water"

In another example, I created a tag called: "ABEM" Subsequent tags include "article", which appeared normally, and "ABdominal pain" which EN forced the capitalization of the first two letters because "abdominal pain" occurs alphabetically sooner than ABEM.

Help! Fix this, please!

-- Kevin

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When are these tagging bugs going to get fixed?? It's great that you "filed" them, but that doesn't do anything for the users until they are fixed.

I may sound like a broken record on these forums, but let me say it again: tagging is a complete mess in Evernote. And this problem becomes all the more acute because of Evernote's insistence that we don't need folders for our notebooks, but should instead use the fake hierarchical tags. This really makes it a problem to effectively organize our information in data in Evernote.

It's all well and good that it's easy as pie to get our data into Evernote. Organizing it is quite a challenge though.

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Quite true. Tagging organization is a mess.

A few requests:

1. Please allow for discrete tag sets that only certain notebooks can use. So if I have 10 folders and one of them is "Professional Articles" I'd really like to have "Pulmonology" only appear as an option when tagging notes I have destined for "Professional Articles." This would make finding articles much easier as when I click on the Notebook, only those tags in the Notebook would appear, precluding the need for me to scroll endless lists of tags. Allow us to define "global" tags that can be used across all Notebooks.

2. Provide us with an option that lets us "lock" the tags. So if I am tagging something and tag a note with a tag that doesn't yet exist, EN would query if I would really like to do that. Important this is a user-definable option, or would be annoying to many. This would prevent me from accidentally creating a new tag via a typo and restrict me to certain tags (I can never remember if I want to use "invoice" or "receipt" for example.)

3. Allow us to create nested, hierarchal tags that are easily moved about and sorted.

4. Make it easier to batch export notes (especially their PDF contents). If I find three articles that I have PDF'd into EN that I wish to export to a thumb drive, I have to move each individually. No easy way for me to get my contents out of EN wholesale.

5. Can I restrict a search on the desktop version to include tags? When I type "computer receipt" I want all the notes with those tags to appear, not just those with those search items in the body of the note. Am I missing something?

Dave, I love EN. I use it all the time. I push my friends and colleagues to it with much vigor (at least three are now premium members.) However, organization is a mess. Thank goodness your search engine and PDF OCR is so good or your service would be nearly useless to me. As my notebooks grow, this problem will magnify and may result in the service becoming more burdensome.

Thanks very much for listening. Yeah, I know this was a thread hijack, but I figured I started the thread, so what the heck...


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5. If you click on a tag on the left side, you should only see notes on the right that have that tag. I.e. if I click on the "Cooking" tag, I shouldn't see any notes on the right that just contain that word, but aren't tagged.

If I just type the word "Cooking" into the search box, I'll see both, of course, unless I'm more specific by typing:


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