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Newly scanned notes do not appear on my Evernote list of notes



I have been using Evernote for 5 years as a Premium member. I have 10,000+ notes in my account. I scan documents into Evernote on a daily basis.

Until yesterday, everything in Evernote was operating as expected. Today something unusual is happening. When I scan in a document, I can see the Text Recognition processing on screen, and the scanned document image appears completely on my monitor. But when I close out of that document image, the newly scanned image does not appear in my list of scanned Evernotes. To clarify, it's not just the content of the note that has disappeared (as might be the case if the text color was inadvertently changed to white) it is the note itself that I can no longer see. Throughout this process, I am in my Inbox (not a more limited notebook) and there is no text in my search box (which could limit the notes that are displayed). I have toggled between all the available views on the View menu and the new notes are not visible regardless of the view I select. The missing notes are not in the Trash.

I have tried restarting Evernote, rebooting my computer, and signing out and back into my Evernote account. The issue keeps repeating. I am using Evernote v. 5.4.0 with ScanSnap S1500M with current drivers on Mac OS 10.6.8. I have searched the forums and I got hundreds of matches for "disappearing notes", which I am working my way through, but so far I have not found any helpful insight that applies to my situation, so I am hoping someone who has experience with this issue will kindly rely to my post for help. I have filed a support ticket but no one has connected with me to troubleshoot this issue. I cannot wait 24 hours for a reply from support because I have a person here to scan all day, and until this issue is resolved she cannot proceed--and I have no other projects for her to do. So I am paying someone to sit and wait for support to reply!

Any suggestions much appreciated.


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