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[Windows] Find and Replace - Replace Within Note odd behavior


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Evernote Client Version: (271108)

Windows Version: 7 Enterprise 64 bit.



The Find and Replace - Replace Within Note function behaves oddly. If I choose Find and Replace - Replace Within Note, a footer bar appears and I can enter a value fo find. When I do this, all found values are highlighted yellow BUT one (seemingly random) matching value will be highlighted orange. The match counter will report the match # of the highlighted orange value out of total matches so if the highlighted orange match is the 3rd value match Evernote decided to highlight, the match count will show: Match 3 of 116.


Now, it appears that no mater what Replace button I choose, either Replace or Replace All, the only value replaced is the highlighted orange value. After selecting a Replace button, the Find and Replace footer bar then closes forcing me to go back, open Find and Replace - Replace Within Note and go through the process again.


This seems odd.


Am I interpreting this behavior incorrectly or is this indeed a bug? Is there a work around that isn't just to manually go through hundreds ot matches and replace them manually?

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My experience is different. "Replace" does the job and moves to an occurrence further down, but skips over a highlighted item and instead selects one further down. This continues skipping over items until it reaches the end, loops back to top and finds the ones it skipped.


Once it has completed all that, a second Find/Replace works as expected; as if the items were all jumbled out of order internally, but get fixed up after a first pass, and then that page is okay after that.

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