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Integration with Canon Scanners

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I am looking for a guide to setting up Evernote and my Canon MX410 printer / scanner so that I can scan documents directly into Evernote.

This will be for a Windows 8 environment.

Any help will be appreciated.

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You could set the destination for scans to be an Evernote Import folder.

If Canon does not have Evernote integration for the software for that scanner, this is the only workaround I can think of. That being said, a quick google search has told me that there is some canon software with Evernote support, so make sure you have the correct Canon drivers and companion software installed. 

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I have the same scanner but I have a Mac! Any work around?

Not a free solution, but you could check out a piece of software called Hazel:



Very popular for automating tasks just like this. 

Here's an article (albeit a bit old now) documenting how this can be done:


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I have a Canon P-150 scanner, and I under stand that it should be able to scan directly into Evernote, with tags, notebook location, etc.  Unfortunately, I cannot find any information on how to integrate it & get the scanner to "talk" to the program.  Should I be looking at something specifically in the scanner software, or to something in Evernote or both?  Any advice would be greatly apprectiated

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