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Which Note is Active?



Am I doing something wrong?


I use the Note list format, Snippet View, and I will often try to invoke Delete or Open or add tag and nothing will happen.


I will then click select with cursor on the Note in question. The view/appearance of the Note will not change at all. However, after doing so I can Delete it.


So... What am I doing wrong that I am not able to determine which Note is active?


Thank you. 

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OP back.


Does anyone else have this issue?


I'll be in Snippet View, one of the Notes in the list is grey, I'll hit delete to remove it and nothing happens.


I will then select the Note again by clicking on it. Its color will not change but now if I hit delete, it will delete.


Make sense to anyone? I'm trying to get help from EN support and they cannot replicate.


Thank you.

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While the note may be selected, it might be that the focus is on some other interface element such as the tag editor or note editor. Thus, while the note IS selected since that is the note currently being displayed, the focus, that is, where action will take place, is not on the note selection pane, but somewhere else where the delete key performs some alternate function (or doesn't function at all). When you click the note again, of course the note state doesn't change (as such, the colour will not change either), it was selected before, and still is selected but the focus has changed so the menu items and keyboard commands will act on the note itself, and not on the content/tag/etc. 

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