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FEATURE REQUEST - Create links from searched words

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Hello everyone,


So I've searched for an author's name inside Evernote, and I got back a number of results. These range from quotes, to web clipped articles, to PDFs. It would be unbelievably cool to create links from those matches to some other note. In this case, I have created a note for each author that I'm researching, and I'd love to be able to make those matches into links to that particular note. I know I can do it one by one, but it would rock if there was a way to do this automatically using the search results. Imagine the possibilities ;)


Thank you for listening!


p.s.: If this is already possible, please let me know how and accept my apologies.

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Hi gazumped. That one I know about ;)

But what I meant was to have a command to make the highlited words (matches) in a particular note, into links to another note. Maybe I didn't quite explain myself.

Let's say I search for Leo Tolstoi. I get back results that are Note Titles and also all the matching terms inside each note that correspond to the search. Let's now say that I want to turn all those matching highlighted words or combinations of words inside a note into links to a particular Note that I previously created about Leo Tolstoi. That's what I meant. I hope it makes sense.


Thanks a lot for you help.

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Ahh  - a great light dawns.  And I'm sure it was me not you - superficiality is my middle name some days;  I tend to scan posts and come up with a quick fix where I can.  Sometimes I'm right...



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