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ios Jot Touch vs Jot Script

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I love using Penultimate, and the Jot Touch I've got works nicely with it.


However, I'm intrigued by the Jot Script, especially the finer nib. However, does it provide any other benefits in Penultimate over the Touch?

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I'm curious about that, too. I own the Jot Script and use it with the iPad mini (original, without the Bluetooth capability the Script requires). Frankly, I can't see much if any difference between the Script and the Jot Pro, although the little plastic disk on the Pro is a distraction.


Can any tell me if the Jot Script's performance with the IPad Mini Retina, using Bluetooth, is distinctly better than the same stylus without the Bluetooth? I'd considering buying the retina mini even  though it's expensive if it would give me a substantial improvement in productivity.


(That said, Noteshelf seems to give really good performance with both the Pro and the Script, and it doesn't seem to suffer from lack of Bluetooth.)

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Not sure if you are still interested, but I have used both, and while the Jot Touch was good, I found that the tip seemed to drag with my matte screen protector. Even though the Script will cost you a kidney no matter which way you look at it, I think it is worth the extra premium. The only thing I will say is that if you usually take notes in a quiet environment, I would think twice about it. It is actually very noisy and could (probably will) be distracting for others. I generally use mine in a convention style environment with hundreds, if not thousands of people and even there it is noisy enough to be conscious of it. YMMV of course?

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