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Can't paste rich text to Evernote

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I have some code snippets that I want to save to Evernote. I did the trick by pasting the code to tohtml.com and copy the formatted code back to Evernote. I tried it on Windows and it worked fine (Evernote still preserved the syntax hilighting) but when I did in Mac OS mavericks, it just pasted as plain text. Is there anyone know what is the best way to keep code snippets in Evernote on Mac ? Thanks a lot.

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Check to see if you have ‘Simplify formatting of pasted content’ check in the Formatting pane of Preferences.

Using Evernote Mac Version 6.1 (452115 Direct) this was not available in 'Evernote > Preferences', but was available in 'Format > Simplify Formatting'.

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