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Importing from linux, mac etc

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I wanted to import a large number of files (mainly pdfs) into my premium account.  This solution works well on Linux - I presume it would also run on OSX assuming you have a command line emailer available.  I used "mutt" and a oneline command line script like so:


for i in <DIRECTORYNAME>/* ; do echo -n "$i" ; echo -n "..." ; mutt <YOUREVERNOTEEMAIL> -s "$i" -a "$i" </dev/null ; echo " done" ; done




This creates a note for each file, with the title as the filename.  


Hope this helps someone.  It will certainly help me the next time I want to do it and can't remember the mutt command line options.






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Or if you have nested directories, you can do this, which creates a note for every file in and below the current directory - but watch out - this is a very quick way to use up your month's upload!


find -name "*" -not -type d -exec echo {} \; -exec mutt <YOUREVERNOTEEMAIL> -s "{}" -a "{}" </dev/null \;

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