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Synchronized Notebook's notes are "skipped"


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Notebook Properties window shows Type: Synchronized notebook.


Activity Log shows: Skipping note "ajklsfdajlksdfa" in an unsynced notebook "!!-Daily"


Why does it think this is an "unsynced notebook" and how do I fix it???



Windows client v5.2.1.3108

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Similar problem for me:


20:51:27 [8920] 0% Updating server items

20:51:27 [8920] 0% Skipping note "205700 replaced front brake pads" in an unsynced notebook "Dodge Grand Caravan 2001"

20:51:27 [8920] 100% Session terminated normally, elapsed time: 0s


The note is on my Windows client ( but not on Evernote Web.


The notebook properties show Type: Synchronized notebook.


What am I doing wrong?



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