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(Archived) Searching for the first word in a title only?

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Is there a way to search for not any word but the first word in a note title?

That way I could make a saved search to find untitled notes, but steer clear from other notes containing the word 'untitled'.

Or is there any other option for finding untitled notes only?

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If you search for intitle:title, you'll find all notes that have "title" in their title. Since untitled notes (at least in Windows) show as , this will catch all of the untitled ones. In my case, it also caught a note with a title "No Title", which I thought a little odd - but I was able to give it a more meaningful title ;)

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Thank you for the quick reply!

However, I'm on a Mac, but what I found now when testing is that EN searches within words in titles, which I didn't know. It seems to me that searching for 'title' on a Mac works because the result also includes 'untitled'.

So I still get hits such as this note title in the result:

Evernote User Forum • View topic - Untitled Notes

Perhaps there's no workaround, but I'm happy to have stumbled across a useful feature I didn't know of ;)

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You can probably get around the false positives by adding extra search terms, e.g.,

intitle:untitled -intitle:forum

or something like that. Just keep add negative terms until you've winnowed the list down far enough to be useful.

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