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Android Note Link problem

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I don't trust my memory at the best of times, but these last few weeks have been exceptionally stressful in my world so please forgive what may seem like a stupd question.

Since the new version of the Android App came out, I've noticed that on my phone (Samsung GS3), that the Paperclip icon to make Note Links has disappeared and been replaced with the Handwriting icon. It doesn't appear in the Menu when I bring it up either. So...

It's possible I am not recalling the previous version correctly and we never could create Note Links with the Android app. Though I'm positive there was a Paperclip icon, which I assumed was tool used to ceate Note Links. I didn't start using Note Links at all until after this version for Android was released (using them on pc Windows version, I mean), so honestly never tested my assumption about the Paperclip icon.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to make Note Links on the Android app and if so, where is the icon (or whatever) for it hiding? Yes, I have searched for the answer, but if it's out there I can't find it.


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Have you tried long pressing on a note in the note list. There should be an option to copy note link there.


Edit: I feel like the paperclip icon was more an editing - attachment option.

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