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Edit sharing preferences / unlink accounts



how do i remove my facebook and twitter account in the sharing... i want to ensure i don't share a note by mistake.

also, when you do share a note, how do you know who it was shared too?

thank you.

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First, it would help everyone here to know what platform you are on, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Etc. They each have little differences, and knowing which one will allow us to better help you solve the problem. 


As for disconnecting your facebook and twitter accounts... I honestly am not sure how to do that. But I just tried to share a test note on Facebook and Twitter and it would be pretty hard to "Accidentally" share it there. In both cases you have to proceed through another step to actually make the post. So if you accidentally click "share to Facebook", you still have a chance to prevent it from posting when you are prompted to actually write the accompanying facebook/twitter post. 

Perhaps another user here knows how to remove your account. In Mac OS, you can sign in via the operating system to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and I think Evernote is picking up on those sign-ins, but I am not sure...



As for your second question, the answer depends.

Clicking "copy share URL" will copy a URL to your clipboard that you can distribute to whomever you wish. While the note is "public" it cannot be found by search engines, and is not publicly indexed. The ONLY way anyone will get to that note is by the URL that you give them, or by somehow randomly guessing the randomly generated share URL (which is HIGHLY unlikely). In other words, if you simply share the note but never give the URL out to anyone, odds are good nobody will ever see that shared note. 


Selecting to post to Facebook, twitter or linkedin is essentially the same process. It just kind of shortens the process by automatically loading up the facebook/twitter/linkedin post page so you don't have to. 

That being said, I usually send the link via email to the people who need it.

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