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EverNote use as monthly budget planner

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This is not something I use Evernote for personally so I don't have much advice in terms of how to actually execute such a thing. 


That being said, Evernote may NOT be a amazing tool for doing a budget depending on specifically what your needs are. There are no recurring reminders and it cannot do math.


You can plop bills into Evernote and create a reminder for their due date. You can make a note of how much you owe a partner/roommate/friend money (such as on your half of dinner, a utility bill, rent), and set a reminder.


You can scan receipts for travel expenses (if your employer accepts digital copies of receipts). 


While I haven't let Evernote have a fair shot at it, I think there are many much more robust tools for budgets, such as Mint or iBank. 


Perhaps another user has some insight into how they've used Evernote as a monthly planner.

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