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synchronization stopped working on Windows. Although it says "Synchronization Complete"


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I am running Evernote (271108) Public on Windows 8.  


I created a new notebook, and imported a bunch of PDF's from some folders into this Notebook.  It completed successfully.  However, when I'd go to my tablet, I wouldn't see this notebook nor it's notes.  I kept hitting Sync on Evernote Windows app, and it would come back pretty quick stating that "Synchronization Completed", but still my new notebooks and notes with PDF's wouldn't show up on my tablet.


I created a new empty notebook using Evernote Windows app.  Hit sync.  That notebook showed up on my tablet.  Using Evernote Windows app, I moved all my notes from the notebook that wasn't synching into this new notebook.  Hit Sync, and it started working.  I then deleted the old notebook that never sync'd, and renamed my new notebook accordingly.  All is good now.  Very weird.  


I just thought I'd share this info.

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