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Evernote 5.5.1 Feedback



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As there isn't a dedicated suggestions/feedback email or form, here's my two cents worth after four months of solid use on 5.5.1 in OSX:


I would really appreciate the ability to wrap text around images - it seems really primitive that there is greater functionality in the editing box in this forum than there is in the actual program.


Similarly, I'd like to see the ability to modify tables, such as add an extra column/row, or even just the ability change the width of the table or individual columns/rows.


I have also found cutting and pasting from Word and similar that often bullet points are so left justified that they end up off the screen.


Annotating PDF lecture slides within Evernote, I would like to see the ability to move from one page to the next with the up/down arrow keys rather than needing to use the mouse.

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Would be awesome if the Evernote Safari Web Clipper could insert the clip into an existing note instead of creating a new one each time. At the moment it's quicker for me to screenshot, find the file and insert it then annotate than to use the purpose built tool.

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