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Notes blank


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I am a medstudent, so pretty much all my notes are important.

Yesterday I was in my class, taking notes as usual.

My iPad has only wifi (no cellular), and I have Evernote in my PC Windows too.


My iPad had conected on my wifi internet since I got home from my classes.

This morning, when I was starting my studies, I checked on my PC Evernote, because it should have been sync automatically when I got home, but simply ONE of the two notes were totally blank (as seen here: post-191470-0-02585800-1396195711_thumb.), and another one, taken 5 days ago, was half gone.

Yesterday, at the end of the class, I checked them, and they were THERE.

What happened, my God! I NEED those notes! :'(


If anyone could help me, I would be more than glad!


Thank you anyway,


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We often have issues with students using multiple devices. This is the list of troubleshooting steps that we go through to help students:


1) On the device you took the notes: force sync the device (on the iPad it is a "refresh" circle at the top of the screen). If there is an issue with this sync, log out and log back in. 


2) Check the Evernote.com web service, this will tell you if the notes made it to the Evernote Server. You can do that by going to Evernote.com and logging into your account.


3) On the device you want the notes on (Evernote PC) force it to sync. If an error comes up, or you simply do not see the note that was on your device, and on your evernote.com server, log out of the PC Client and log in again (we occasionally have sync errors on the Mac when the client updates which causes it to not recognize the user - we can tell if this error is occurring if there is no "username" in the account).


Hope that helps...

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