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Quickly finding search terms

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New to Evernote. Search function does a great job of picking up the search term in documents, but some are located in very remote portions of lengthy documents. Is there a way to quickly jump from one located search term to another without scrolling through each document in which there was a hit?


Also, is there a way to limit my search to notebook titles or tags? 



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There is no way to more easily locate a search term in an attached document. You would have to actually open the attachment and perform a separate search. So if it is a Word document you'd need to open it in Word and search for your term, likewise with a PDF.


You cannot search for notebooks only for notes. You can limit your search to a particular notbook or notebooks:

notebook:notebook name

You can limit your search to the title of notes:


You can limit to particular tags:



You can combine any of these

notebook:notebook name intitle:query tag:tagname


You can exclude, so search note titles in all notebooks, excluding everything tagged with: tag A

-tag:"tag A" intitle:query



For a very basic intro to search:



For more advanced info:


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