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Oddity with Syncing with Desktop


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I just had an oddity - I created a note on my Android phone on the train (no mobile networks) and had it auto sync to the cloud when I got home over WiFi. When I went on my desktop later to edit the note when I sync'd in my changes it didn't appear.


What was odd was that the number of notes total and the notebook it was under reflected it had been brought across. No matter which view I looked at I couldn't see the note to edit... What I ended up doing was emailing it to myself from my phone then adding it back in. Again the number increased, still no new note but when I exported the notebook to the web page it was duplicated. I quickly sync'd once again, went to the browser version and both were there. Got rid of the older one and now everything is normal.

Is there an error log of some sort to see if something happened when I was not paying attention?

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Hmm seem like I'm in the same boat 'as it were' as the rest of you folks. The scary thing is that I came across some previous / other / older posts and the 'Solution' was just to deleted the app (and of course it would delete) related files.

Here's where I have a big concern. I have been a member (like many) love and been using EN for the better part of 6 years....and of course I am a premium member so have alot of notes. I mean a lot by near 3000 which is actually somewhat less than before on account that I originally began using EN when you could run it from a USB stick where now ( unless I run my original version) you cannot. On my USB stick EN archive I have near 6000 ... sorry I digress.

The point here is that I would be far from impressed if the only solution that comes back is 'Delete and reload your notes'.... how long do you think it will take to delete, reload and sync 3000 notes. Not to mention that I have to identify which files have not been uploaded and from my initial estimate that is about 150 or so.... hmm  :angry: I really hope there is a good response from the EN Team to address this ... 

I await to hear more from EN and my fellow users.... 

PS currently using EN on Desktop = Win 7 which does not sync to the EN Cloud and of course the result is that my iPad Mini with IOS 7.1 oh and yes I still have quite a few hundred Mb's left for upload as a Premium member.... 

The sad thing is that as a long time EN user is that I have not seen / heard of an other fix to this sort of problem except 'Delete and reload and re-sync' .... :( not really an impressive answer....

I hope I am proved wrong and fingers crossed ... it will be a sad day if I have to consider the worst case scenario and look for an alternative to EN so hope the Dev / Support Team are listening.... ?

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Hi all


First of all,  when you have a problem and can't find the answer quickly,  submit a support request (see below) it's not hard,  and you will get feedback.

Second - be aware that syncing goes phone > server (web client) > phone,  so if you make or change notes when offline sync the phone,  then the PC to see the results.


In general,  notes aren't downloaded to a mobile client unless you specified one or more notebooks as required for 'offline searching'.  There's an index of notes,  but the content is pulled down from the network when you open a note. (New and opened notes are saved in temporary memory and deleted when synced / when the space is required,  so will be available -for a while- after you last opened them.)


In light of this,  uninstalling and reinstalling the Android client doesn't take long at all and won't harm any notes - except that you need to sync successfully before you uninstall if there are any unsynced notes that don't exist anywhere else than in your phone's temporary storage.


The complete uninstall/ reinstall doesn't take long on a desktop either - you're not replacing the notes,  only the application that manages them;  and since cumulative updates may leave spare files lying around in the works,  complete removal is a useful house-clean.  I've done it myself several times this year already since I run the beta versions,  which is occasionally an eventful experience...


Backing up and renaming your database is also not a huge deal - I have 16,000 notes and it takes over a day to restore that from the servers;  if you have fewer notes,  it won't be so painful.  And you get a shiny new reindexed database that runs faster as a result..


And finally,  in this long saga - if you're running more than one client,  you must make sure that both sync regularly with the server otherwise you will lose data when the two eventually catch up.  If you're in that situation,  the best course would be to set up another free account and move the notes from one client into it temporarily while the problem is fixed.  Syncing is a bit vital to Evernote's operations (and your notes) and if you aren't syncing,  even only on one device,  you are heading for serious problems.  See my first comment above...


EDIT:  - if you plan to do any removing / reinstalling,  the details of how to do it for your OS are in the forums - please search for the information.

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