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Alarms not saving dates and times

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I have a note 2 and a note 10.1 by samsung. On both these devices when I save an alarm reminder with the date and time, it is not saving the date and time. I also have a Hisense pro android tablet and when I save the date and time on an alarm, it saves just fine. This issue seems to be just with my note 2 and my note 10.1. The note 2 is running android 4.3 and my note 10.1 is running android 4.1. My Hisense pro is running android 4.2. I am having to use another task management app because I can't get evernote to properly save my dates and times on my note series devices. I have also tried to save alarm times and dates on my wife's galaxy s4 and again, it will not save. I don't know if this is a samsung-evernote issue or if it is happening on other branded devices but it is not happening on my Hisense pro. Any suggestions?

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