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Crop photos of notes?

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I've recently started to snap pictures of my notes for import into EN.  This feature works great and allows me to search my handwritten notes.  My question is this...sometimes I only want half of whats on a page.  Is there a way to crop the image I take when using the EN camera in document mode?


I guess I could just take the picture using the std camera app on iPhone and then edit and crop.  This just adds another step or two as opposed to taking the picture and creating the note from within the EN app.

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When I tap the swirly "a" I get three parallel lines with an arrow. The options that follow are: Clear Annotations & Rotate. I don't see three little dots.


Any other suggestions?


Hey Deena!


What version of the iOS and Evernote application are you running? You can check the iOS version by navigating to Settings > General > About > Version and the Evernote version by navigating to Evernote Settings (the gear icon in the upper lefthand corner) and scrolling to the bottom of that page.

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Ha, I know the feeling!


On the Mac, open the note containing the image you want to crop, then select the Annotate icon and choose Annotate an Image (there isn't a way to crop PDFs using the Annotation tool, so you'll want to avoid the Annotate Entire Note as a PDF option). Once the Annotation window appears, you'll see a bunch of different icons on the lefthand side, the one that looks like a square with plus sign icons on the corners will allow you to crop that image.


I hope that helps! I'm going to move this to the Mac Forum, but let me know if you run into any issues!

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