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Has "paste and match style" keystroke gone wrong again?



It seems like years ago when I pointed out that the standard Mac keystroke for "paste and match style" is Cmd-Opt-Shift-V (Evernote was using Cmd-Shift-V). If you don't believe me, check the Edit menu in TextEdit or Mail. 


I thought this had been fixed, but now looking at EN Mac v. 5.5.1, I see that it's (back to?) Cmd-Shift-V. 


What's it going to take to get this straightened out once and for all? 

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Suikerchiller, I would suggest you stop cross posting. It's not allowed and the mods will get a bit testy. :)

Hi Rob, thanks for bringing this up, really was getting frustrated over the fact that I lost past and match style functionality.

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Crickets from the developers…

No surprise - developers don't often post here. Did you open a support request?


Yes, I did quite some time ago. All they said was that they would pass it along to the developers. 


Gotta say, this is a head-scratcher for me. I mean, why fix something so simple and obvious, only to turn around and break it again? 

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