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Note not syncing to phone

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 All my notes are syncing between my Win 7 PC, Win 8.1 laptop and Samsung Galaxy S2 phone with Android 4.1.2.

 All except one note that is not showing as updating since May of last year on the phone. It is updated on the laptop okay.

 I solved the problem by creating a new note on the PC and copy/paste into it from the old one. I added "2" on the end of the title so I can be sure to use that one when I add info.

This was a workaround that worked, but I'd like to know how this happened.

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Check your activity logs on your various devices (e.g., your PC and your phone) to see if the PC is throwing some error about why it can't push it to the server, or your phone is throwing an error about why it can pull from the server. 

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Don't know if you've already solved your problem but I was able to resolve the same problem this way:

  • Sync everything at your PC and check that you see the notes you're missing on your Android, just to be sure everything is on the Evernote servers
  • On the Android, go to Settings>Application Manager>Evernote and do a 'Clear Data'
  • Open the Evernote application, sign in, and push a sync

When I did that, everything was once again in place.  



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