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Clipper won't open newly clipped notes in the native OSX Evernote


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On my MacBook Pro (Early 2011 17") running OSX Lion (10.7.5), I use the latest version of the Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome.  I noticed a while back that for some reason after creating a new note and clicking on the "Open in Evernote" it no longer opens the native OSX application.  Does anyone know if that is the expected behavior?

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We have made a platform change on how notelinks work. After the change users would see i dialog when they request to open a note from the WC the first time. The users choice was recorded at this time and subsequent notes will be opened with that user preference i.e either Webclient or the Desktop client. We realize this new flow and the effects of the first time prompt wasn't completely intuitive. We are working on improvements...

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