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How to become an Evernote Ambassador

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Hello,  I live near Toronto, Canada and am a big fan of Evernote.  I would like to know how to become an Evernote Ambassador.  I am an avid investor/trader and use Evernote everyday as a journal to keep track of data points I see in the markets.  I would like to help others learn how to stay organized with this the way I do.  





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Hi Wern,


Thanks for the thread.  I've looked there but it seems they've pulled down the link for spam reasons.  Would be great if Gbarry could email me at susan_o_reilly@hotmail.com directly so that I can start getting the ball rolling on it.


Many thanks!




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Hi Evernote Team,


I am based in the Philippines and likewise an avid user and follower of Evernote, Skitch and Web Clipper. I have all these apps installed on my Mac and smartphone.

I manage a team of offsite employees for an eCommerce site based in the US and Evernote has immensely helped simplify our archiving and reporting. Given the features that has benefited my team, I often recommend Evernote to colleagues. In this regard, I would like to become an ambassador for Evernote.


Thanks and best regards.





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