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(Archived) barcode recognition

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Is there any plans to have Evernote recognize digital barcodes?

I saw one post on this from last september but it was not answered.

It would be great to be able to upload a high res photo of various barcodes and have Evernote decode them. Attached is an example of a very small barcode the can be put on the top of a eppendorf tube. If I could image a rack of tubes at once and send them to evernote it would change the way we can organize our samples.

Regards, David


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I believe this would be quite easy to implement. In fact there is an iPhone app (RedLaser) already available for this exact purpose. There is a free version for jailbreak users. Once you have scanned items and have a product list you can easily email the list to your evernote account using your mobile evernote email.

They offer the SDK for $30 which will allow you to add barcode scanning to your app. At the same time, I'd rather keep evernote slim as it is slow enough already. Perhaps Redlaser could be managed


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