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I can't see my notes.....

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I need help. I open my Evernote account, and when I click on any notebook to see/edit/create new notes I cannot see them.....everything is updated and i'm on Windows 8.1. I really need this fixed as I am using this for school and cant see what I have created. Can anyone please help? 

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Have you tried (completely) uninstalling Evernote from your windows machine and re-installing it? (Make sure you backup your notes first just in case!) 


Are you absolutely sure that are logged into the same account on your windows machine?

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HI, I have the same problem.  If I am running Windows 7, and as of quite recently, on my computer I can't see my notes.  I can on the ipad and on my anroid phone app.  It's infuriating.  How do I backup my notes before I do an uninstall on the computer and try to reinstall?  Thanks.

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You might not need to do a backup of your Evernote database on your computer. Log into the web interface of Evernote and confirm that all of your notes are present there. If stye are all there you can uninstall and re-install the evernote application on your windows machine without needing to backup. (That being said, having backups of your computer is generally good practice so if you don't already have a backup system in place, you should consider doing so)

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Thanks.  Worked like a charm.

After a recent Evernote update my notes weren't visible and searching for them yielded sketchy results.  If the title of the note I wanted to find matched text in the one note that was open, I was stuck.

Thanks again for the help.

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Hey, so I just had this problem today, and for anyone who's had a similar issue to this in 2020, the setup on windows is different than how it was in 2017, so cloud1's answer won't work (as far as I could tell).

BUT, before uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote, I'd suggest just logging out of the desktop app (choosing the option to back up your files on your device) and log back in.  Worked like a charm, and I can see my notes now. 😄

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